Controlling Mosquito Infestation Even More Important Today

Perhaps in years gone by, locals did not give the potential for mosquito infestations too much serious thought. It might have been because such incidences would have been rare to their area. And when there were flare-ups, these were still quickly reported and the local mosquito control middletown unit would have been able to move in and do their usually effective work. But all that appears to have changed today.

Due to the more regular occurrence of what could be termed as extreme weather events, the subsequent prevalence of new mosquito infestations would be more regular as well. There is a common reason for this. In the aftermath of an extreme weather event, usually in the form of a storm, heavy flooding may occur. And while never as severe as the flood mentioned in the Bible, it could take days, even weeks before water levels are reduced to more acceptable and healthy levels.

City infrastructures have been damaged as a result of extreme weather events. And even where city infrastructure remains relatively stable and sound, it is simply not able to manage the severe loads that extreme weather events bring. You could also say that as far as migrating mosquitoes go this is manna from heaven. Because the extreme weather conditions seem to be perfect for uninterrupted breeding.

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But now, a sense of urgency has come to prevail since word got around just how dangerous this insect species could be for congested urban centers. It is a well-known fact that migrating mosquitoes may be carrying the common malaria virus. That could still be contained due to the fact that public and private hospitals do have vaccines for that. But as matters stand now, they don’t have an antidote for the Corona virus.